January 22, 2022

Trendiest Indian Women Dresses For Eid

Sometimes, choosing the perfect dress for the Eid celebrations can be quite challenging. You’re either wondering whether to keep things formal or to embrace something more casual since there will usually be a lot of eating and playing outside.

Either way, you want something beautiful and gorgeous to help you stand out on that day. The secret is to follow the trends that will help you slay on that day. That’s where this guide on the trendiest Indian women dresses for Eid comes in.

Sharara Style Dress for Eid

Sharara Style Dress for Eid

Five hottest clothing trends for Eid festival in India

Here are seven of India’s most in-vogue Eid fashion trends for women. If you’re worried about staying your stylish best on this big day, you’ll never go wrong with any of the following;

Women in Green Salwar Suit

Women in Designer Green Salwar Suit

1.  Salwar Kameez, but with embellished pants

It’s incredible how the Salwar Kameez is one of the Indian women’s most trusted dresses for Eid. We’ll never get to understand why, entirely; maybe it’s the traditional touch, the gorgeousness of the kameez, or the sheer versatility of this dress.

For this year’s Eid, a kameez can help you rock your best Eid look yet. It could be a long, short, or medium kameez. But rather than the regular salwar, you can experiment with pants - especially those with fancy embellishments.

2.  Georgette Sarees for Eid celebrations

It’s almost impossible to hold a grand festival like Eid in India without the saree popping up in different places. If you’re a saree enthusiast like the rest of us, we’re happy to tell you your saree has a place on Eid day - a very special one, in fact.

You can choose from heavily embroidered ones, as well as printed or designer sarees. However, for the best fabrics for the day, you can’t go wrong with silk or a gorgeous georgette saree (no pun intended!).

3.  Abaya-style Anarkali suits for Eid

What happens when you give the Abaya a more Indian touch? Absolute gorgeousness, of course! This is why Abaya-style Anarkali suits rank high among our list of hottest clothing trends in festivals as far as Eid is concerned. You’ll find different varieties of these dresses online to help you rock Eid with maximum gorgeousness.

4.  Sharara suits for Eid functions

The sharara suit is exceptionally well-suited for Eid.

You can choose heavy sharara suit designs of different kinds, from gorgeous satin sharara to satin and more. The sharara suit set of kameez, dupatta, and a bottom is as charming as charming gets, and they could be your perfect outfit to slay in style for Eid.

5.  Gharara suits - more like sharara with wide legs

The sharara and gharara are more like cousins - so that means while they are different, the differences are not that much. The minor difference here is that the flared part of the gharara is joined at the knee area.

Like the sharara, the gharara is a beauty to behold, and both of these are making a remarkable comeback in Indian women's fashion. However, for the best Eid look, you can pair your gharara with a kurta or kameez to help you nail your best Eid look.

Eid dress for girls

Red Color Eid Dress for Girls


We know that Eid is muslims’ biggest celebration.

This is why it’s understandable that you want to look your best during this festival period. If you’re keen on following the hottest trends guaranteed to help you achieve your perfect style and look on this big day, these five Indian clothing trends for Eid are some of the best you can count on to help you celebrate your Eid moments in style.

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