May 09, 2022

Indian Clothing Trends in Various Seasons

One India.

1.4 billion people.

Four (4) seasonal weather patterns.

Two main (2) fashion seasons - summer and festive!

India is a land of festivities with the people always styling for the various festivals year-round. And while summer is the most notable fashion season, spring, autumn, and winter still manage to have dresses and collections unique for each of them.

We recently discussed festival clothing trends in India. This post, however, purely explores the different Indian clothing trends in various seasons. How does the Indian woman style herself across these different seasons? Let’s find out!

Indian Summer Clothing Trends

In the heat of summer, our choice of fashion is mostly about cooling off and ensuring you’re comfortable. This is also true for Indian women. If you’re a fan of ethnic Indian fashion, there are always enough dresses to take you through summer from sarees to lehengas, choli, gharara, salwar suit, etc. But you’re probably here for the defining trends of an Indian woman’s summer fashion and below we highlight the hottest ones currently;

Summer Wear for Indian Women

Summer Wear for Indian Women

    • Minimal and clean

You want your arms and legs to be able to breathe just fine in the hot and humid Indian summer weather. Your best bet is minimal and clean styles because less is always better in summer.

    • Prints and embroideries

This summer, we expect intricate prints and embroideries to be the rage as women yearn for a more laidback and luxe fashion style. Expect more intricately embellished and embroidered shirts and dresses with subtle prints and more pinks and mauves.

    • Floral prints and summer

You know that summer is always the season for cheery flowers and breezy fabrics. It’s true for Indian women too. Floral prints are a staple of summer and they are common in the typical Indian woman’s summer wardrobe.

  • Pastels, and white too!

In the heat of summer, you always prefer something soothing. This is why white and pastel shades are always a big deal for summer. You can invest in dresses in more pastel shades for summer, from white georgette fabric dresses to Indian crepe dresses in cream, pink, light green, and all of the other beautiful pastel shades.

Indian Winter Clothing Trends

Winterwear is mostly about keeping you warm and protected when it gets cold outside. However, there are more than enough dresses, trends, and styles to ensure you are as fabulous as ever even in the cold of winter. Check out the Indian woman’s top trends below when it comes to Indian winter clothing trends for women;

Indian Sharara for Winter Wear

Indian Sharara for Winter Wear

    • Sweater tops and long sleeves

We say less is better in summer. In winter, you need more to protect yourself against the cold weather. Long sleeve dresses with sweater tops will do the trick.

    • Scarfs and shawls

Love your dupatta? Winter is the perfect season to take that love to the next level. Whether you are wearing a kurta, saree, or sweater, you can easily wrap a scarf around your neck and your outfit will still look as cute and stylish as you’d want!

    • Luxe fabrics

While summer is mostly for light fabrics, winter gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in salwar suits, sarees, lehenga cholis, and other dresses made from lush fabric like silk, velvet, brocade, satin, and jacquard, among others.

  • Chilled out hues

Pastel shades and whites are all the rage during summer. For winter, you’ll want to do more dark and offbeat colors like wine, gray, and royal blue, among others.

Indian Clothing Trends for Autumn

Autumn is the transition season between summer and winter. And because sometimes, it’s never too cold or too hot, you get to try out some of the best pieces from both summer and winter. How does this turn out for the Indian woman?

We’ve got the biggest autumn trends here, laid out bare for you to explore as the country enters a season of weddings and festivities!

Women Clothing for Autumn Season

Women Clothing for Autumn Season

    • Occasion dresses

September marks the beginning of weddings and all kinds of festivities in India. For your autumn wardrobe, it helps to stock up on lehenga cholis, sarees, Anarkali suits, salwars, and more for whatever occasions you have lined up.

    • Oriental florals

Along with beautiful applique and intricate embroidery designs, oriental prints and florals are a staple of the Indian autumn. Bold Eastern prints along with phoenix and bird prints are great for this season.

    • Ruffles and pleats

Textured garments with interesting ruffles and pleats are common in the Indian autumn. If you like, you can stock up on more Indian dresses with these interesting design elements.

  • Bright and happy hues

Flamboyant colors like yellow, red, green, and fuchsia, among others, are great for a bright and beautiful autumn. Talking about bright, you might want to go all-in on those sequins and crystals embroidery as well. A little bit of sparkle in autumn is never out of place.

Indian Spring Clothing Trends

Sarees, lehengas, and fusion wear are all good for anyone looking to flow with the seasonal change that spring brings. But what exactly are the defining trends of this season for women who love both modern and ethnic Indian dresses? Find your answers below;


    • Pastel colors

Love pastels? Spring is the perfect opportunity to shop for dresses of all kinds from salwar suits to lehenga choli, abaya suits, and more in soft and chic pastels.

    • Layers

If you’re bold enough to style yourself like your favorite Bollywood actress, layering is the easiest route and spring is just right for this. You can pair a bright garment with another coat in a neutral shade. This is super easy to style and kind of refreshing.

    • Belted blouses

Everything is becoming belted these days from Sarees to Anarkali, jeans, and now blouses are the latest to join that trend. If you’re excited about this, it could be one of your spring’s best looks.

  • Sheer fabric

There is something magical about sheer fabrics. It’s perfect for Spring when you need your skin to be able to breathe in the heat. It also adds a bit of mystery and sexiness to your look, if you care. All of these make sheer clothing perfect for the Indian spring.

The best thing about the Indian fashion scene is that there is always something for every season and occasion.

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, winter, or any of the festivals and occasions we can’t do without, you can rest assured that you’ll always find something to help you nail the perfect look. The trends up here are a great starting point for any of these seasons.

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