November 14, 2021

The Ultimate Lehenga Choli Guide - Everything You Need To Know

Lehengas ooze grace and elegance.

While we can all agree that the Indian fashion scene is more like a minefield for everything beautiful and colorful, we also know that not all Indian dresses are made equal. That said, Lehengas are some of the few that enjoy the most prominence at home and worldwide.

Lehenga Choli in Green

Embridered Lehenga Choli in Green

Lehengas don’t discriminate. They look as great on commoners as well as they do on celebrities and the models on runways. These timeless apparels extend beyond just fashion, stylish, iconic, and always present at weddings and all of the other special events.

What Makes A Lehenga?

The Lehenga ensemble which is also known as the Ghagra choli is a three-piece attire consisting of the following;

  • A lower part - the Lehenga, a long skirt that may or may not have pleats, usually with drawstrings at the waist.
  • The top - a well-fitted blouse, also known as the choli. It’s usually designed to leave a small portion of the waist opened.
  • The scarf - a drape known as the dupatta that can be easily draped around the outfit to add a complementary touch to the entire outfit.

Lehengas are worn by women of all ages and societal classes.

Some of the common fabrics often used include cotton, georgette, chiffon, etc. the Lehenga dress might also feature simple to intricate and elaborate embroideries.

A Brief History Of The Lehenga Indian

The Lehenga traces its origins back to the legendary Mughal Empire era of ancient India. The Lehenga was believed to have been designed first around this period.

The dress enjoyed high acceptance among members of the public from the rich to the royals and the average woman and girls on the streets of India.

Lehenga Choli in Multi-colors

A Regional Style Lehenga Choli in Multi-Colors

Till today, it remains the most prominent dress in certain states of India like Gujarat and Rajasthan. While the dress has evolved over the years, it’s kinda heartwarming that more of the classic designs are finding their ways into runways, and subsequently into our wardrobes. This dress is a perfect example of everything timeless and trendy.

Lehenga Style Guide For Indian Women

Lehengas come in different styles and variations so you need a bit of work (attention, mostly) to pick the best one you need. Some of the different variations include;

  • Saree Style Lehenga
  • Straight Cut Lehenga
  • A-line Lehenga
  • Sharara Cut Lehenga
  • Broad Flared Lehenga
  • Jacket Style Lehenga
  • Paneled Lehenga
  • Fishtail Lehenga

Whether you’re trying to pick the perfect wedding Lehenga choli for your D-day or looking for a beautiful Lehenga that will be just right for your next big outing, you need to ace the Lehenga challenge stylishly by choosing Lehengas that complement your body shape.

Lehenga in Light Green

Modern Style Lehenga in Net Fabric

A-line Lehengas look great on most women with apple or hourglass shapes. The Jacket style Lehenga too fits most women with apple shape and inverted triangle shapes because it’s good at either hiding or creating volumes as may be necessary.

A Sharara Lehenga, however, is great for almost all kinds of body shapes whether apple, hourglass, pear-shaped, rectangle, etc. This Lehenga style helps give the wearer a more balanced look. The Sharara Lehenga makes use of a trouser rather than a skirt.


The Lehenga is one dress that will always be here.

That much has been shown by the history and evolution of this iconic Indian dress from ancient times up till now. It’s an iconic part of our fashion and culture, beloved by women of all ages and classes. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces out of Indian women’s fashion; super stylish, effortless ravishing, and guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

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