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Dress up and Dance for Dholki Night

September 11, 2021

Dress up and Dance for Dholki

Pakistani weddings are synonymous with extravagant celebrations, attractive ethnic wear outfits and beautiful rituals. It is the prime celebration for weddings in Pakistan that opens the gate to all the festivities with its line-up ceremonies. The wedding celebrations last for five days. A Pakistani wedding includes a number of celebrations, including Dholki, Mehendi Night, Mayun, the Nikah, Baraat, and Walima.

Dholki – the Fun & Lively Ceremony

After the first official meeting between the families of the bride and groom, the engagement ceremony is held. Some families like to celebrate their engagement as a small affair, while others like to make it a grand affair.

Dholki Night of Pakistani Wedding

Dholki Music Night at a Pakistani Wedding

Dholki begins the pre-wedding celebration with great joy and fun following the engagement. Usually, the groom’s place is the place where this event takes place. It is organized a few weeks before the wedding. Dholki is about music and dancing that brings the families of the bride and groom together. This ceremony's purpose is to create an atmosphere of closer bonding between the two, so they can get to know each other better. Dholki is derived from the name of an instrument called dholak (drum). Women beat the drum to the tune of the latest Pakistani songs during this ceremony, making the event a joyous occasion.

What to Wear for Dholki Ceremony

This function is usually organized in the evening. Bridesmaids, bride, and other family members dress in beautiful Pakistani outfits wrapped in bright colors. The groom opts for a comfortable kurta pajama paired with some intricately woven shawl or dupatta. For this occasion, brides choose long ethnic dresses, Anarkali suits or sharara suits. Fabricoz features a stunning selection of ethnic outfits to wear to weddings and festivals.

Music & Dholki at Pakistani Wedding

Music of Dholki at Pakistani Wedding Night

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