April 21, 2021

Tips to Mix and Match Indian And Western Outfits

The beautiful combination of Indian wear such as saree, salwar kameez, Lehenga, with the western wardrobe is the latest trend that all youngsters are following up. They are called Indo-western looks. As women sometimes get bored with wearing the same clothes repeatedly, they try to mix and match their clothes. So here are a few ways how you can mic Indian attire with western clothes.

Anarkali as a dress

You get a lot of control by wearing your old long Kurta like a dress. It looks incredibly vivid and stunning. All you can do is pick your Anarkali up and wear it to look like a dress. That's going to give you a rich appearance. You can go for a long Anarkalis for such a look.


Anarkali with Jean

With their Anarkali kurta, you must have seen many actresses wearing jeans. It's a great Indian and Western fashion. You can go and wear them with your usual pair of jeans for a kurta with a slit or high-low style, or a sheer kurta. This will perfectly illustrate the figure.

Lehenga with a shirt

You can match it up with a top if you want to reuse your old Lehenga. The shirt gives a western feel to your look. This looks amazing on girls. Using a blouse with your Lehenga sounds too outdated, after all. You can go and match the look with a simple shirt and heavy Lehenga.

Lehenga Choli

Saree with a Peplum top

It looks pretty bland to wear your saree with a regular blouse. If you are looking for something exciting, you can wear a Peplum top to wear it. There are many flowy peplum tops. And it provides an Indo-western look. This makes your basic saree look pretty and looks incredibly modern in this mix.


Belt Up Your Suit

You can wear it with a belt if you want to add a Western touch to your usual dress. It will give you a bit of a casual look and will allow you to emphasize your waistline, too. This ensemble looks super cool.

Kurta with Denim shorts

If you have a short kurta and don't know the best way to wear it, you can easily pair it with your denim shorts. That's going to give you a sexy makeover. As compared with shorts, jeans look very outdated. It may also be the perfect outfit for the beach.

Blazer or Denim shirt featuring your Lehenga

The best way to pair is by adding a denim jacket over the Indian clothes to get an Indo-western theme. It will complement your whole look once again and make you look sober. This is the perfect way to do it if you want to wear your heavy Lehenga choli to a party.

Saree with bodysuit

Many actresses love to wear a bodysuit on their sarees. If you want to get the look, pick up a bodysuit that looks heavy and combine it with your saree. This will emphasize your figure and make you appear beautifully stylish.

Rules to follow while mixing and matching

Our youth's days are gone when we could trust our mothers to layout the perfect day-out ensemble. Adulthood comes with its fair share of decision fatigue, and media might recommend wearing the same outfit every day, but it's hardly a realistic concept for the fashionistas. Here are a few rules for mixing and matching styles to help make it much easier to put together the perfect outfit.

Comfort is paramount

The most significant mixing and the matching rule is definitely to note that comfort is imperative. Comfort gives you the much-needed confidence that your unique outfit requires to rock.

Print on Print

Do you remember all those style blogs that cautioned you against using your entire outfit with more than one print? But those days are long gone, and now the print mixing is not just for magazine models. Take risks by selecting identical, subtle prints that complement each other with a similar look.

Combination of the Indo-Western

It is a lot like forming a dream team to mix Indian clothes and Western attire; you get the best of both worlds. The perfect example of Indo-Western done correctly is this street style colour combination, like pink Patiala combined with the simple tee. Don't forget to pour on the accessories; there is no end to the imagination, from chunky bracelets to ethnic necklaces.

The solution to the saree

With all this talk of mix and match, our favorite style, the saree, can't be left out. You might play it safe and try out various styles of blouses or take it a step further and pile a jacket or even a funky scarf on the layers.

Stop, harvest and wear

Who would have thought the crop top would turn out to be one of your closet's most versatile pieces of Indian clothing? Do not wear it with a denim pair as usual and try to fit it with palazzos or with a lehenga and even better.

Crop top or blouse with Dhoti

It isn't exciting to drape the same saree with your blouse all the time. So, you can pair an old blouse or crop top with a Dhoti and wear it. It looks exceptionally stylish. The tailored blouse balances the loose look of a Dhoti. This adds volume to the outfit. The best part is that it looks very Indo-Western in appearance. You can also see the same way many Bollywood actresses’ wear.

Try including the jewels.

Have you ever dreamed of matching Western outfits with your ethnic adornments? It can be challenging to combine Indian jewellery with western outfits, but this combination can look dazzling if done correctly. It's so old school to wear standard silver and Indian dresses.

Wedding Jewellery

Fusion is the latest cool thing. It will immediately raise your style quotient by adding beautiful ethnic pieces to your daily wear. The right ethnic and western blend will turn heads and shake hearts. These hybrid trends will bring to your personality and irresistible charm.


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