February 19, 2021

How to Select Elegant Designer Lehenga Choli for Brides

Indian weddings are all about the outfits, music, dances, rituals, functions, and delicacies etc. The brides are always curious to wear the trendy and designer outfits to grab the attention. So, when they start to prepare for the wedding functions, the first thing that strikes the mind is what to wear and how to style the outfit, jewellery etc. Also, it is important for the bride just to focus on the outfit and should keep this thing in priority.

Lehenga is always the first preference of the Indian brides for every function maybe Roka ceremony, Haldi, shagun, wedding and reception. Every girl can rock in lehenga because undoubtedly it suits every body type, shape and complexion. And you can try different varieties of lehenga for every different occasion to steal the show. It is important to know about your preferences and choices before choosing one. Knowing about the latest trends and talking deeply with your designer is also important.


Having a proper conversation with the designer will help you to know which will look good on you. It will give you an insight which colour will go with the function like, for example, many prefer to wear yellow or a mustard outfit on Haldi ceremony, green colour lehenga on Mehendi, red or maroon on wedding day etc. But it is not necessary to follow these. You can bring your element and personality while selecting your wedding outfit. Also, the perfect makeup and the matching jewellery will lighten up your outfit. Before choosing any Indian dresses make sure to surf online and know about the latest trend because every bride wants her outfit to be the best.

Following are some of the points you need to know while choosing the perfect lehenga:

Know your body type

- It is very much important for the one to know about your body type. Not every lehenga needs to look good on you. Different style of lehenga will point up your curves; cover the parts you don’t want to expose etc. So, it is important to understand your body type and know which style will look good on you. If we talk about different body shapes, there are many as follows:


The hourglass

- The girls with these body shape can pull off any kind of lehenga. It is easy for the brides to choose lehenga of any style as it will look good on their body shape.

The skinny type

- The bride with skinny body type should choose the lehenga which will add curves and bring your body into shape. You can go for fabrics like silk, satin, banarasi or jamdani etc. This will make you look a bit fluffy. You can also add net frills which will make your lehenga attractive.


The busty type

- These brides should go for a single colour and should not go for a heavy and short blouse or choli. It is important to feel comfortable on your big day. Don’t choose deep necks for your choli.

The pear shape type

- If your waist is curvy, try to go for A-shape lehengas or flairy ones. Try to choose a heavy embellished blouse for more attention on the upper body rather than the heavy bottom.


The petite type

- These brides should try a high-waist single colour lehenga to create an illusion of longer legs. You can also try vertical pattern lehenga.

Know the suitable colour

- Indian brides are known to wear dark colours outfits like pink, red, maroon, golden etc on their wedding day. But these days girls are getting aware of the fact that they need to try different colour outfit according to their complexion and should break the monotony. The dark complexion brides should go for colours like blue, purple, light pink, dull green or gold, etc with thread or stonework. They should avoid silverwork or embroidery on their lehenga. The fair bride gets the benefit of choosing any colour with whatever type of embroidery and work.

Go for the prefect length

- The lehenga’s length will differ depending upon the fabric and work. If the fabric is chiffon, the lehenga should touch the floor which will make it flairy. The short brides should tie their lehenga above the naval button and prefer short choli to look tall. Try to get the same colour outfit instead of contrast. The tall brides should go for long choli and avoid heels if possible.

Choose jewellery accordingly

- It is always said to choose the jewellery according to the choli’s neckline. Never go for the heavy jewellery when you lehenga has heavy embellishments and embroidery. With the heavy blouse, go for a minimal necklace with heavy danglers. With the light embroidery blouse, go for the heavy jewellery. You can choose layered neckpiece with V-neck and a choker with round neck choli or blouse.


Comfort over style

- It is good to go for the stylish and trendy outfit but never keep style over your comfort. Choose the lehenga in which you feel free and comfortable and stylish at the same time. Otherwise, it will ruin all your function and you cannot help it. Go for repetitive trials and fitting until or unless it does not fit or suit you. Try to ensure to add your personal element in your lehenga choli.


Above are some of the points you should never avoid while choosing lehenga choli. Also, keep in mind to choose the look at the dupatta before buying the lehenga. You can even customize the dupatta as per your preferences. Choose one which you can carry effortlessly as dupatta can increase or decrease your whole outfit vibe.

So, choose the right lehenga keeping in mind your taste, choice and likings. Try to look for patterns, prints if you want to avoid heavy embellishments and embroidery. Also, look the time of the event you are going to wear the lehenga. During the day you can go minimal whereas you can go a bit heavy during night functions.

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