July 23, 2022

Best Indian Clothing Trends for Summer

When it comes to summer, there is just a lot to try. Summer clothing trends in India are as plentiful as they come. If you need to discover some of the best Indian clothing trends for summer you can recreate right now, you’re in the right place.

Staying cool is the objective during summer - both literally and figuratively. Cotton and light fabric dresses are bound to take the front row - and boy they are available in abundant styles and designs. Below are some of the best summer style trends in India currently;

1.   Minimal “everything”

For summer, you want to keep it minimal to make it make sense.

The weather is hot already and the more layers of dresses you add, the hotter it becomes. Simplicity is the order of the day throughout this season, regardless of whatever dress you’re picking, saree or salwar. Choose dresses that will give your skin enough room to breathe so you can stay comfy all day.

Indian clothing for women in summer

Indian clothing for women in summer

2.   White and pastels

Whether it’s a georgette saree or a crepe lehenga, it’s always best to have your dress in soothing and calm shades. Whites and pastels are the best for the hot summer temperature. These shades like cream, white, mint green, baby pink, lemon yellow, and sky blue are excellent for the season. Your bright and colorful shades can wait a little more time before the festive season kicks in.

Indian Dress for Summer Time

Indian Dress for Summer Time

3.   Monochrome

Clean monochrome designs are as powerful and stylish as they get. They are also perfect for summer. Whether they are white, green, or any of the pastel shades, you can always find different dresses on the market in monochromatic color designs that are perfect for your summer style needs.

Indian Clothes for Summer

Indian Clothes for Summer

4.   Prints for summer

Subtle prints and intricate embroideries are perfect for summer. For prints, florals are always in fashion. Whether you’re getting a chiffon saree or a linen shirt, you’ll appreciate the beauty of floral prints whether hand-printed or digital on your summer-style dresses.

Printed dresses are kinda cute and the thought of these would excite most people. This is one easy way for a colorful and beautiful summer as far as your summer style goes.

Green Indian Dress for Women

Green Indian Dress for Women

5.   Embroideries galore

Embroideries and embellishments are always a part of Indian fashion regardless of the season. In summer, you can still find some beautiful and intricate ones that can spice up your look and style for summer. Whether it’s lehenga, saree, or just about any dress, the right embroidery can easily add a touch of beauty.

Summer is one of those seasons many of us always look forward to.

As far as Indian fashion goes, there is always more than enough for you. From sarees to lehenga, Anarkali, salwar suits, and more, following popular trends can help ensure you have the right dresses in time for summer to strike a balance with both style and comfort. And as far as Indian summer clothing trends go, the ones up here are some of the best for this season. Happy shopping!

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