November 18, 2020

14 Different Kinds of Sarees from All Over India

All Indian clothes are excellent, but nothing actually matches with the sophistication of a Saree! Saree is an epitome of elegance and appeal for Indian women and girls. It looks amazing and elegant when worn properly. Even when you are not into Saree and favour other Western or Indian wear, there are a few kinds of Sarees that you MUST have in your wardrobe for special events and occasions.

Fabricoz have compiled for you a list of traditional Sarees of India that absolutely must be present in your wardrobe. They'll look just amazing on you!

Each Indian state has its particular charm that renders us spellbound. Take a look at those remarkable Saris from various places and purchase them when you go to those areas.

1. Banarasi Silk Saree of Uttar Pradesh

Handwoven at Varanasi - UP, these Sarees possess a mix of marvelous colours and sheen. This makes them irresistible and therefore are simply pieces of artwork! These Sarees have gold embroidery work.
Banarasi Silk Saree

2. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees of Tamil Nadu

The Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees out of Tamil Nadu are famed for their vivid colours and temple-patterned boundaries. Nonetheless, these Sarees also have gained fame in North India.
Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

3. Kasavu Saree of Kerala

Kasavu Saree was initially called 'Mundum Nereyatham'. It is a Cotton Saree in off-white colour with a gold edge. Kasavu Sari from Kerala are renowned all over India for its simple yet elegant designs. This Saree is a sign of sophistication, simplicity, and heritage. The Kasavu Saree, beautiful in its simplicity, is ideal for day occasions.
Kasavu Saree

4. Paithani Silk Saree of Maharashtra

Paithani Saree, indigenous to the state of Maharashtra, is a lovely blend of design and nature. The boundaries of a Paithani have oblique square layouts, and the pallu includes a peacock design.

Paithani Sarees possess a light and colour (dhoop-chaav) effect that's accomplished by weaving two different-coloured silk collectively.

These Sari are the pride of Maharashtra and a must-have for many women who are fond of experimentation with Sarees. Paithani Sarees are handwoven with silk and also are ideal for conventional wear celebrations.
Paithani Silk Saree

5. Bandhini Saree of Gujarat

Made using a distinctive technique of tying knots that prevents the colour from dispersing, they are usually manufactured in Chiffon. These Sarees are fantastic for festive events like Navratri.
Bandhini Saree

6. Chanderi Saree of Madhya Pradesh

The Chanderi Saree is a mixture of simplicity and design with its lightweight cloth and pretty boundaries. It can be found in a variety of designs, including geometrical design, peacock style, and floral artwork.

These fairly Sarees may be worn for everyday wear and will go perfectly with jewellery. You can wear a Chanderi Saree with sandals.
Chanderi Saree

7. Muga Silk Saree of Assam

The Muga Silk Saree is unique due to the silkworms they are created from, and the Saree often outlasts the proprietor. The intriguing process of sourcing the lace and weaving the Saree gives the Muga Silk Saree a distinctive artwork, and needless to say, it's a must-have!

An excellent Muga Silk Saree cost begins relatively cheap, but you'll need to pay far more if you would like something special.
Muga Silk Saree

8. Leheriya Saree of Rajasthan

The Leheriya Saree is known for its stripes and waves. It's created with the tie-dye technique. It is worn in the state of Rajasthan, in which it's thought to be a Saree for everyday wear. Leheriya Saree is merely one more kind of Bandhani Saree. If you enjoy being vibrant, then you want to get this.

Leheriya Saree can be bought on a budget. The Leheriya Saree, with its vivid colours, is ideal for respite on these hot summer days.
Leheriya Saree

9. Jamdani Saree of Bengal

The conventional Jamdani Sarees have themes of flowers and are made from cotton. This Saree is ideal for PTM (parent-teacher meetings) in which you would like to be presentable and trendy.
Jamdani Saree

10. Baluchari Silk Sarees of West Bengal

They are just another category of Sarees from West Bengal. Traditional, nonetheless, Baluchari Sarees, are unique due to how the boundaries showcase scenes from early epics, such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.

These Sari are acceptable for special events like conventional pujas and even weddings because of their elaborate layout function.
Baluchari Silk

11. Sambalpuri Ikat Saree of Odisha

The Sambalpuri Ikat Saree, accessible in cotton and silk cloths, has unique designs embroidered over it. To create this original Sari, first, the threads are dyed and then woven. This is ideal for both festivals in addition to casual wear.
Sambalpuri Ikat

12. Pochampally Saree of Telangana

Panchampalli Sarees or Pochampalli Ikat Sarees originated from Andra Pradesh. It is known for intricate geometric designs that are created out of Ikat fashion of dyeing. Produced by expert weavers, these Sarees are full of colour.

These Sarees are made with a mix of silk and cotton. It is ideal for daytime events like a family gathering.
Pochampally Saree

13. Chikankari Saree of Lucknow

In case you've ever been to Lucknow, you understand Chikankari isn't only an artwork there; it's culture. Chikan means embroidery. Although earlier it had been done on muslin fabric, today it's offered in virtually all types of fabrics.

You do not need an occasion to utilize this Saris; it may be worn for day parties or if you prefer.
Chikankari Saree

14. Patola Saree of Gujarat

This Saree is made from lace in Patan, Gujarat. These Sarees are woven with fantastic accuracy and are full of colour, and too pricey. Royal households have worn them. These Sarees may be worn in household functions and for daily purposes.
Patola Saree

India, being a huge country, would definitely have many more types and styles of Sarees but the above list presents a good range of various options available across the country.

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