December 18, 2020

10 Different ways Salwar Kameez has been styled in Bollywood

Salwar kameez has been worn by women in India since ages and has always been a comfort clothing, a representation of Indian dressing and a frequent choice when choosing what to wear but eventually we run out of ideas when it comes to styling them. Take some inspiration from the glamorous life of Bollywood and see how salwar kameez has been styled in the most fashionable and trendy ways!

Here’s how our Favorite actresses chose to style our Favorite clothing:



Using bold dupattas creates quite a statement and is an easy way to make your outfit look more colorful and chic. It can be paired with matching jewelry and light makeup to create an ideal look. This outfit is perfect for going out to classy occasions and is a great way to make your dress look more traditional and heavier. This is perfect for dressier and more important occasions such as festivals and parties to guarantee all eyes on you!



Going for an all white look is perfect for a casual day out and gives you a decent summer look. This look is perfect if you are going for an innocent and modest look and appears very angelic. This outfit can be paired with casual slippers and dainty jewelry and you’re ready to head out of your house looking as pretty as a picture, it’s very hard to go wrong with this look as it’s so easy to put together and always ends up looking ethereal.



Jewelry is the easiest way to dress up your salwar kameez look, adding jewelry to your outfit instantly makes it look more appealing and put together while also adding an ethnic look. Bold earrings are an excellent option as they are eye-catching and attractive, guaranteeing a look that looks put together and smart. Indian jewelry has always been famous of its beauty, putting together a look like this is embracing our culture in the most stylish way.



Rocking a sleeveless salwar is a clever way to make your outfit look more unique, this can be paired with large earrings and a slicked back hairstyle to create a bold yet flattering look. This look is Minimalistic yet it draws attention to your jewellery and dupatta, this look is definitely an opportunity to step up your accessory game! This look is perfect for days where you have a special event but the weathers too hot, or just if you want to switch up your daily shalwar kameez into something trendier and cooler.



Pastel colors are easy to style and glamorously manage to give you an angelic and dainty look, these are perfect for both casual days out as well as notable occasions, this look can be styled with light makeup and jewelry to elaborate the angelic look but can also be glammed up if needed for more special occasions. Pastel colors work on almost every fabric such as cotton and georgette, making them versatile and appealing. This look is Subtle and elegant and tends to enhance your features.



The anarkali design is a perfect mix of traditional and classy, perfect for parties or other special occasions. The butterfly net brings out the best of Indian dressing and is everybody’s favourite, it has been paired with light jewellery and pleasing make up for the ideal look. what’s so great about the butterfly net anarkalis is that they work on any colour scheme, from the deepest reds to the lightest pinks making it very easy to find a color that suits you best.



Large bags are the trendiest new way to make your look more fashionable, these are especially good for work, a trip to the airport or simply just running errands. This is usually paired with a casual salwar kameez style and easy-going makeup and jewelry. Large bags have been coming back into style and Bollywood is all for it! This look is extremely easy to style. It’s convenient and fashionable making it the perfect accessory to add to our looks and step up our fashion game.



Designs taking inspiration from western clothing are trendy and cool. Adding a bit of a western touch to your outfit is an extremely fun and trendy way to switch things up and become more innovative, you can also pair this with junk jewellery to accessorise and replicate something similar to these looks. This dressing idea is creative and unique and adds a fun twist while merging western and traditional fashion.



Polo necks look classy and fashionable. The color white tends to compliment this outfit and it can also be paired with matching jewellery to replicate this look. This look is perfect for important occasions and is especially good for winters. This turtle neck outfit gives the ideal glamorous and stylish look making sure all the attention is on you!



Brown is an extremely underrated color and just happens to be an extremely flattering on all skin tones. It is absolutely perfect for fall and winter fitting the color scheme and works for both casual days out and parties because of its versatility. Wearing brown outfits tends to make you look more sophisticated and sleeker!

Author ~ NOYA K.
Noya, born in Dubai and currently studying in Sydney - Australia, is an aspiring blogger with a passion for writing about fashion, arts and culture.

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