August 22, 2021

Make it Official with Roka and Ring Ceremony

A Roka ceremony officially declares that the to-be bride and groom will be together, from now onwards. A series of rituals follows this ceremony until the wedding day arrives. As a part of this ceremony, the families of the bride and groom meet each other for the first time and exchange gifts and sweets as a token of their love, blessing and appreciation.

Earlier, the Roka ceremony used to be a small and intimate affair but now with changing times, it is turning into something bigger, grander and more extravagant. In recent times, the Roka ceremony has been combined with the Ring and Sagan ceremonies, making it an elaborate event.

Being the first official ceremony between the two families, it calls for a lavish outfit for everyone. Indian wedding wear clothing comes to your rescue with the latest fashion trends. Keeping an eye on the latest designer dresses available, the bride and groom can browse through our gorgeous selection of Indian outfits. The bride can pick from a sequined saree gown, a traditional Banarasi woven silk saree, an anarkali suit paired with a long skirt or a floral printed lehenga in pretty colours.

Ring Ceremony at an Indian Wedding

Ring Ceremony at an Indian Wedding

On the other hand, the groom may opt for a dapper Indo-western suit, a trendy floral printed sherwani to match with the bride’s printed lehenga or a trendy Bandhgala with minimal embroidery for a stylish look.

The mothers of the bride and groom must make a lasting impression on this first meeting. And that calls for some shopping fun. At Fabricoz, you may browse through our exhaustive but elegant selection of silk sarees and georgettes sarees to suit your choice. From Paithani sarees, Banarasi saris to Kanjeevaram silk sarees, you will find everything that will offer a classic look, for the special day.

Bride Bathing Ritual in Indian Wedding

Bride Bathing Ritual in Indian Wedding

This ceremony includes an array of rituals. A beautiful red dupatta, announcing the sealing of the marriage, is presented to the bride-to-be. Last but not least, the bride and groom exchange rings as a part of the engagement ceremony, making it official to the world.

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